Riders Lounge

The Riders Lounge is the heart of the Gasthof; it’s where all the social activities go down. Riders come and chill-out in the Lounge after a long day on the mountain. We play snowboard movies on the big screen and you’re welcome to try some of our video games. The bar serves warm and hot drinks and snacks for an affordable price. It’s a popular place for WiFi and many Internet users will be hanging around. The Riders Lounge throws a busy party schedule with the: …

* Monday Mustache Karaoke
* Wednesday Swagger party
* Thursday Method Movie Night
* Saterday Rock Night

Gasthof Zillertal Riders lounge

Every Wednesday it’s time for the famous SWAGGER PARTY. Boys be waiting all week and girls have been making themselves look pretty for this weekly dance ritual. It’s not a secret anymore that the Gasthof has got the baddest and meanest sound system in Mayrhofen. Combine that with DJ’s who actually know what kind of music you like to hear and the party is on. No traditional Schlager sound here but BIG beats anywhere from D&B, Dub Step, Techno, Dirty Electro Class, Dance Hall, Break Beat, Lyrical Rap, Hip Hop, Rock… whatever you want! Every Wednesday starring DJ JAY HANDSOME featuring any local or passing through DJ who knows what’s up!

party girl
swagger group
flashy lights
party on the bar
swagger in full effects
hi five
swagger party
swagger party

Many young loves and broken hearts have been made here as the locals, the Dutch, German, Swedish and British all accumulate in one sweaty dancehall.
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